Sunday, October 18, 2009

Initial Posting

I've always thought blogs were kind of a dumb idea where people talk about the minutia of life.  I've recently come around on the concept of blogs being useful for technical purposes.  I am finding that more and more in my professional life that blogs are good places for people to help others with posting information.  There will be none of the unnecessary posting of crap that nobody will care about on this blog.  Instead I will be posting things I find to be relevant and useful to other people.  This means that this will be mainly focused on technical topics that I find useful.

I am a software developer.  That means technical topics that are interesting to me will be what winds up on this blog.  I spent the first few years of my career working in a Java environment but have been spending my recent time working in .Net.  I have an appreciation for both platforms and think both have their uses and appropriate usages.  I get excited about new ideas and new ways that improve how we program.  I did start programming in C/C++ and don't know if I can ever go back to the unmanaged programming.  Java and C# both have transformed the way I think of code and what I expect out of a compiler.  I have also started to work some in Python so I have a appreciation for that language as well. 

What I expect to wind-up on this blog is musings, technical tips, and just general technical topics I find interesting.  I hope that what I write here is going to be a help to someone at some point.  I have received so much help from others through blogs that I think this is really me giving back to others.  I hope something here someday helps you